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About 2 weeks ago I noticed an ad on RezPLS for the game Tanoth, so I decided to give it a look, and see what it was all about. To my surprise, I have found myself regularly logging in to play the game and putting about an hour or two worth of game play into it each day. I’m not quite sure why the game has allured me so well, but I shall give you some details of the game.

What is Tanoth?

Tanoth Online is a free web based mmorpg by GameForge Inc. GameForge, as wiki states was “established in Karlsruhe, Germany in December 2003 by Klaas Kersting and Alexander Roesner”. GameForge is the company behind such games as: 4Story, Ikariam, OGame, Bitefight, and helped published the PC game Saga of Ryzom. Now GameForge has introduced their new game, Tanoth, to the English audience.

The Story of Tanoth

“With the disappearance of King Targon, the country Aris also fell into darkness. For a quarter of a century his younger brother Halgan has been ruling with an iron fist. After a near catastrophe on a small island in the east that remained unnoticed by most, another one is brewing in the north. The bravest adventurers meet up in Tarabat, a small village at the edge of the shadow mountains, to seek their fortune. Unfortunately this has often lead to their doom.”

A Few Thoughts

I must admit, that I love to play Sci-Fi games more than I enjoy Fantasy, however, the combination of the art, and the simple story seem to have culled me into Tanoth.

My Review

To begin, registration was really straight forward and simple. After registering your name, password, and email, I received my email for my account, with a confirmation link.

Upon first looking at the game, I initially thought that the game was very basic looking, which it actually is. To be truthful there isn’t much to the actual game play, but let’s take a look at what all it offers.

Here is the basic interface, it is divided into two parts. The top half of the screen is the character and social aspects of the game. Here you can modify your character by adding stats and changing its info. You are also able to look at messages you’ve received from other players. The other two sections displays the guilds and players of the game.

The first thing I did upon logging in was to change up my character picture. I’m quite fond of gnomes, so I decided to grab a picture of this Bilbo looking creepy dude. Why does this gnome have a red beard? Cause he’s fucking awesome. I named my character Droogie, originality is what I’m good at /sarcasm.

I liked the music of the game, it was done quite well, but because I usually have music playing or streaming radio, I turned it off. Oh well.

Up on the top left corner of the screen is your current gold and bloodstones. Basically, bloodstones in the game allow you to buy better items, attack players more often, and to get much better loots. This is how GameForge makes its money off the game, because after you’ve run out of the initial stock of Bloodstone, you have to buy bloodstones with actual IRL money, gasp!

I wanted to make a guild in the game, but I often find myself buying better stats instead of saving up money. Also, if you’d like to invite me to a guild, I’d appreciate it :D

In the Hall of Fame are all the players of the game, which to my surprise, is quite a lot. Players in the game have a rank along with Fame, the higher Fame you have, the higher rank you are, simple. You can also use the Hall of Fame screen to view players and attack them. If you win a battle, you get some gold along with a portion of fame. Which takes me to…

The Battle System

The battle system. I didn’t think a battle system in Tanoth could be more simple and possibly lame, but for some reason I didn’t really care, because I don’t know what I was expecting, some sort of epic flash animation fight sequence set to grindcore and a billion and half flashes, bring on the seizures! But anyway, the battles are simple and gets to the point…kicking some ass. Cheesy little animations of your weapon swing or tiny fireballs explode on the player, ticking away health, super.

So Why Play?

So you may wonder what the hell you do in this game and why am I said that I’ve actually been enjoying the game. Well it comes down to the adventures. Okay, let me explain this. Tanoth is a web based mmorpg, which means that it’s more of a non interactive mmorpg, compared to one which you’d be running around with an avatar, killing cougars and collecting a billion pieces of bone. When you choose to do an adventure, there is always a small little story, which I actually read often, I’m not quite sure why. So after you’ve decided which quest you’d like to go on, you are presented with some surprisingly amazing artwork themed to whichever adventure you decided to do. During your “adventure”, you don’t actually do anything. You look at your screen and watch the time tick down until 0, in which you then fight some mob, if you are successful you receive the reward, if not, well, you’re SOL. Unfortunately, you are only able to do 5 quests per day, unless you want to use one of your bloodstones to continue to do quests.

So again, you may wonder to yourself why play the game? Well, because of the fact that it is non interactive, you are able to actually do whatever you want in the meantime. Tanoth is one of those great little games that you log in for half a minute to select something which you want to do, and then you go back to work, playing another game, reading articles, or posting stupid crap on twitter. I actually use 2 screens on my computer along with a laptop sitting next to me as well, so I always have tons of things open and will be working on projects, so with Tanoth running in the background, you can enjoy “game play” while not wasting time actually playing the game. I know, it’s a very odd thing to say, but it’s quite enjoyable.

What do you do with all of your awesome lewtz and gold. Well, you can visit your local merchant and buy gear and weapons. If you happen to have bloodstones, you are able to buy much better items, however, because I wasn’t paying attention, I used up all of my bloodstones selling them back or using them to fight people over and over again instead of waiting the 15 minutes to fight for free. The merchant refreshes his gear regularly, so you are still able to get some pretty cool loot from time to time.

The other main little section is the ability to work. You can set your player to work while you log out, which works great when you’re sleeping. Once you get back, you can get hundreds of gold (at least at my level, I expect you get thousands the higher level you are), so you can buy some loot and upgrade your stats.

What else is there to do? Well, to run through the last little section, you are also able to buy alchemy items which boost stats and such, you can buy horses (but I opted for the Donkey – Hell yeh!). Players are also able to go to Dungeons, however, after the first level (I Killed a damn bear!), you have to use bloodstones to continue to do the dungeon, bummer.

So that’s about it when it comes to Tanoth. I went into the game not expecting much, and I didn’t really received much, but for some reason I often find myself contemplating buying bloodstones because I want better items dammit! The bloodstones aren’t actually all that expensive, because you get quite a few (1,250 for $79.99, 500 for $39.99, and 125 for $14.99). I hear that you are able to find bloodstones on adventures, but seriously wtf, I’ve barely found any yet.

Afterthoughts and Suggestions
I think overall Tanoth has a bit of potential. This is one of the first games web based games that I have played, and I think it’ll probably keep my attention for at least another week or two. I think the thing which the game lacks is some sort of better battle animation. It wouldn’t be all that hard to add in some flash battle animations, is that so much to ask?

Also, I think it would be nice to be able to acquire bloodstones a bit easier through adventuring. But I don’t expect this to be implemented because it then negates the purpose buying the bloodstones.

The last thing I’d recommend/like is some sort of more interactive player involvement. Maybe something like being able to hire mercenaries or being able to group with one another (maybe they have this?).

All in all, I think Tanoth is worth checking out for a week or so. You may or may not enjoy it. IDK, give it a try.

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